Fact checking time! Mitt Romney hit the campaign trail in Colorado last night and referred to emergency contraception/the morning-after pill as “abortive pills.” This could be because he or his team genuinely doesn’t understand that emergency contraception (Plan B) and the abortion pill (RU-486) are two completely different pills. Or it could be because he’s irresponsibly trying to totally conflate the two for political gain, which I am sure would shock — shock! — you coming from an anti-abortion politician. (Is Mitt anti-abortion this week? I can never keep track!)

"In 2011, almost 200 new provisions restricting women’s choices have been introduced across the country: bills calling for waiting periods before abortions, ultrasounds before abortions, slashing of funds for contraception and many other area that entail telling women what they can or cannot do with their wombs. These bills could impact my life and soon my daughter’s life. And this mom tells her daughter exactly that common sense.

Common sense compels me to raise her to not only know her body, but know about those in public office who wish to make choices about what she can do with her body. I tell my daughter that her body is hers. Her ears are not even pierced because I feel that it should be her decision if she had two holes in her body, not mine. But those 200 anti-women provisions send a different message. One that tells her that elected and appointed officials do not believe she is capable of making certain choices about her body and life, whether at the age of 11, 21 or 41.”