North Carolina mom Patty Skudlarek says she would prefer her 18-year-old son have sex in her home. Why? Because she thinks its “safer” there. “With the kids having sex at home, it’s a safer environment, because, you know, it’s clean. And usually the place they keep the condoms are in their bedroom. So then they’re close by. And it’s just an environment they’re familiar with, as opposed to a motel, a car or a park, or wherever they’re doing it, these days.”

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    Bolding mine for emphasis. I am so so so thankful to my mother for being open with me about sex all while growing up....
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    Ugh, this sort of thing drives me fucking insane. I’ve had arguments with supposedly really open minded people who were...
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    I’m not the biggest fan of sexual activity with others nearby. Especially my parents. While that hasn’t happened, I just...
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    My mom is a chill lady and still asked me not to have sex with Wolfie when she came to visit the first time. We were...
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    Whoops, personal blog.
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    Keep in mind it’s not just sex as a thing, it’s specifically premarital sex. It’s like they see premarital sex as this...
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    Being raised in a sex positive home encourages healthy self-esteem and relationship formation, strengthens communication...
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    I have friends in their mid-20s who, when they bring their significant others back home with them for a visit, still...
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    ew sorry but i wouldnt like my parents to hear me if i have sex with my husband later xD
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