Why did I get this huge chest tattoo right before my wedding? This is the question I have asked myself twice now, awakening from wedding-themed nightmares in a cold sweat. In my first dream, the chest tattoo I got was some adorable phrase in scripty font that looked lovely when I glanced down at myself but was huge and disgusting when I looked at it in the mirror. The second was a full-torso tribute to the Insane Clown Posse. What. The? My dress (thanks, Vivien of Holloway!) is strapless, or it will be when the seamstress gets done with it, so there’d certainly be no hiding an above-tit tattoo, even if I wanted to. And as I’m an ink-friendly lady, I have no problem with visible tattoos on brides, anyway, since I think they’re often very lovely. So what am I worried about?